Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Alors, je vais partir demain. Adieu and good-bye all, I'm off to the seductive, historically wonderful place that is Italy. Stomach nerves are calmed and pumped up all at the same time!
I will miss my little baby blog, will do my best to check in..maybe, if I'm not too busy stuffing my face with gelato and wiping the stars from my eyes.


Monday, April 25, 2011

Hakuna Matata

Zoinks! I apologize for missing this entire weekend! You can blame the boyfriend for that one, we were busy munching on lots of chocolate and playing Animal Crossing on our Wii (which I am not ashamed to say I am officially addicted to). Had an awesome Easter, decorated eggs today, had pancakes for dinner, and had an eventful day at the Woodgrove mall in Nanaimo; thank you photo booths and Lush! All in all, a much needed weekend of R&R with the boy before I leave this Thursday (!!!). Still freaking out ladies and lads, I had a panic attack last week and woke up at 6am in a fit of over-organizing...I'm feeling like a little fish in a very big, global pond. This is my first trip flying solo, and I think I'm going to freak out a little more before take-off. I'm not sure what's worse, my fears of recirculated air in the plane and blood clots from prolonged sitting? Or the fear of getting lost in a european airport? Haven't decided that yet.


I'm very excited to be exploring Italy again, and I haven't lost sight of my love of the history and the beauty of italian food and culture that made me fall in love last time. I think I just need a good mantra, (maybe in italian?) to keep a positive perspective. One of my favourite de-stressing songs is Bob Marley's Three Little Birds. I translated a couple lines from it to italian just to hear the sound, and I think it might be my mental peacekeeper for this trip. Non preoccuparti di niente, ogni piccola cosa andrà bene (don't worry about a thing, every little thing is going to be alright). I just need to stay focused, and excited about seeing all my favourite italian piazzas, gelaterias, and Roman ruins, and remember to make a pharmacy my first stop for gluten-free shopping!

If you're feeling stressed about a test, a trip, a fight, or the fact that a stain on your jeans still won't come out, just remember mes amies...

Non preoccuparti di niente, ogni piccola cosa andrà bene 


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Alliteration Wednesdays

Okay kiddies, here we go! Put on your thinking caps, and don't look at me like that 'cause today we're doing the letter F. (turn that frown upside down, F can be silly too)

I love Florence and the Machine
I love the word Fabulous. Fantastic. Fanatical. Fantabulous. Folly. Far-Fetched.
I love love love Figs.
I love Flea Markets.
I love Food (deep breath) - fondue, filet mignon, fudge, french fries, french toast, fruit, fajitas, falafel, feta cheese, fish (like flounder), flan, funnel cake...
I love Frappacinos 
I love Foxes

I love Film Noirs, like Sunset Boulevard 
I love the Fact that it's Easter weekend and I get to Frig-off for Five days! (a little lack-luster in the alliteration department, my apologies)
I love Flagellum - yeah, like the cellular form of locomotion. 
I love Fabric (like Fleece)

Okay that's it for now, I know I could carry on but I need to set-off to work, and I would Feel guilty not producing an Alliteration Wednesday until this evening. Take care my Friendly, Freakish, Folly-wags!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Packing Mouse (Guest Blogger maybs?)

Another Tuesday. The last before I leave for the island this weekend, second last before I jet to Italy. Today I'm catching up on all the housework I should have done this weekend instead of watching SATC/Say Yes To The Dress/Clueless. Somehow I envisioned being 80% packed before this Friday. I've made a list. That's about it. So to help my packing procrastinations, I searched some helpful tips for making trips of any size more comfortable.A29f22da5b932fee3df487d5d408cf24_large

This is a great abroad packing list for long trips.

I've read from numerous sites that sticking to one colour family of clothing is the best way to go. That shouldn't be a problem, I'm a neutral/navy/black offender most of the time. However I don't know how comfortable that will be in 40 degree Italian heat??

I tend to be a pretty efficient packing, re-wearing, hand-washing traveller.
That and I'm cheap.
Real Simple suggested packing your suitcase like a layered cake. Rolled items like tshirts, jeans socks, on the bottom, and folded items in the middle. Wrapping belts and scarves around the edges to help keep everything together, and all shoes in a large re-sealable plastic bag.

As far as electronics, I'm probably bringing my two digital cameras. My Olympus baby is a little bulky with its removable lens, so I think a compact one for lighter days is a good idea. Plus iPod, plus phone, the idea of unplugging for five weeks is getting to be harder than I thought.

As a city rat going out to the Italian countryside, I know that no matter what I bring it won't be the most appropriate choice. What can I say, I love comfy west coast style. I will miss my trusty Uggs though. I think as urban as I can get is some aviators and boyfriend jeans. My Birkinstock sandals will be right at home!

Does anyone have any good travel or packing tips? Regret thankful for bringing or forgetting anything when you've taken a trip? If you're traveling soon, where are you headed amigos? Dream vacations?
I wanna hear your whimsies and starry-eyed giggle fits. 

Tomorrow: Alliteration Wednesday, brought to you by the letter F. Let's have some clean-minded fun with this one, kiddies.

ALSO: putting out the word, (no not bird), for a guest blogger while I Italianize. Any takers? I know this blog's a wee baby but I'd hate for it to be neglected for five long weeks. Think cute photo-lover, vision and fashion sharer, and you don't have to be from Vancouver! Must love belugas and gluten-free food.


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Today I Believe

I believe that daydreams can sometimes be the best therapy. Let yourself dream, inspire, yearn. It's what keeps us human, makes us stronger.

I believe in the power of music. Lyrics can bring you up when you're at your lowest.

I believe that you can never say "I Love You" too often. If you feel it, it's never excessive. Love with your whole heart or not at all.

I believe beauty is everywhere, best of all in the places you least expect to find it.

I believe in second chances. Even thirds, sometimes.

I believe nothing lasts forever, except love, in all it's forms.

I believe that there's a 50/50 chance you'll wake up on the wrong side of the bed. The trick is learning to deal with that chance and turn it back around.

I believe some of my best poems are written in my sleep. I only wish I could wake up in time to write them down.

I believe there's always a rainbow after a hurricane.

I believe in the magic of summer nights.

I believe it's going to be a long time before I figure out who I am. The longer it takes, the longer the ride, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I believe that my children are going to love this planet like we should've been doing this whole time. I believe each generation will start helping a little younger, a little bit more.

Friday, April 15, 2011

A Late Alliteration & An Apology

So so sorry I missed Alliteration Wednesday (and Thursday). Yesterday just got a little busy. On the bright side I got to see the 25th Anniversary show for Ballet BC, which I liked 75% percent of. A couple of my favourite choreographers, and the dancers looked fantastic, 15 of them! A big improvement from their cut-backs last year.
And another silver lining, the semester is over! Finally! I won't celebrate too obnoxiously, I know there are many who have not even begun their exams. The best of luck to everyone, you've worked so hard this is just the last hurdle until you can take up a permanent beach residence, and cool drinks on patios.
To make up for missing my Alliteration Wednesday, I thought I'd do more than items that I love.
 I believe today is the letter E. Gonna try and just list as many things that are awesome that begins with D. Annnd go!

Elmo (yeah from Sesame St.)

Engagement rings 1/2/3
Evening walks
Edward Weston  photography
Ebay (first thing Google came up with for E)
Essie nail polish
When was the last time anyone used email?
Erotica (yeah I said it)
Solar AND lunar Eclipses. Those are waayy cool.


Planet Earth. The best sick/rainy/sunny/lazy/anykindof day movies. they are totally, ohhh EPIC. (two E's in one topic). Yeah I'm that extraordinary today. Maybe even a little excessive? Elusive? Eloquent. Ahh Exceptional.
I think I've fallen in love with Writing will never be the same. Might even get a little eccentric.

Alright maybe I got a little carried away.
Hope you enjoyed this  delayed Alliteration Wednesday aka Friday.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Finding Me. {bear with me, world}

So today's Alliteration Wednesday is on hiatus until tomorrow. Today I'm writing to boast my own spirits, they seem to have taken a hit lately. I'm feeling the accumulation of a lot of stuff, some I'm not sure I can even identify. I think a lot of it has to do with the end of semester, which in comparison to what I know a lot of other students are going through, is very minimal. So I'm taking my frustration out on my blog. Please bear with me everyone.
Got Bob Marley's I Can See Clearly Now playing, a song that's always been special for me. I remember my third grade teacher teaching it to us and we'd all sing while he played guitar. It's one of my fonder childhood memories.
I'm thankful for me. And really, I want to feel that you shouldn't have to search outside of yourself to find something to be thankful for. Yes, I'm thankful for my family, my upbringing and the beautiful city I live in, but today I just wanna be thankful for me.
If there's one person who you always have to put up with, and will always be there, it's You.
As corny as that sounds, I find I'm sometimes the hardest person I have to deal with. I know how to push my own buttons, and sometimes I just get in my own way.
Call it multiple personalities, call it whatever you like, but I think a big part of finding your place in the world starts with finding your place within yourself. And I think that's what I'm struggling with. Just figuring myself out, learning to do what makes me happy, and breathing through the things that don't.

Somewhere over the rainbow...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Today is Tuesday. Tomorrow is Wednesday.

A day of rest, finally. One exam down, only one more to go! I can almost taste freedom.
Some things I've noticed recently:

Improv cookies don't always turn out the way you want. They do sometimes make really good dipping cookies for coffee though.

Warmer weather really does have a psychological effect on me. I feel more inspired and eager to get outdoors and finally start running. Take that new years resolutions!        

I leave in exactly 16 days for Italy! Ahhh I can't shut up about it!

Studying really does work. I've never been a good studier but I left my french exam feeling a little better than I have in the past. Only my grade will tell if my optimism was felt in good faith.

Next weekend is Easter! I'm very excited because the boyfriend and I have an egg hunt and decorating planned. I'm very eggcited. Photos will be taken. Maybe even attempt to make cupcakes this cute?2341919027_bac947cfbb_large

Fingers crossed I get the scholarship I applied for! That money would definitely help my financial worries for my trip. Or I wish school in Canada was like France: where the government pays (!) Now if that's an option in the upcoming election, I might even vote! I don't like to get involved politically, unless there's something I really feel strongly about but to be honest (and a little embarrassed) I haven't paid attention to any of the federal business going on right now. I tend to read more global news than I do local anyway. But I suppose it's my right as a liberated, post-modern woman to vote...can you tell my mom is of that generation?

Summer is just around the corner!
Who's excited?! I have big plans. Big big...okay maybe not so big. The word this summer is Creativity. If only there was a hand gesture to go along with that...(picture the rainbow for imagination.)
I'm thinking BBQs, bike riding, crafting, baking, and lots more photo taking!
I've also started looking for some DIY projects to do. Thank you fellow bloggers!

Braided hex nut bracelet - Because I'm Addicted
Wine Bottle Light (I want to decorate my backyard with these!) - Wit and Whistle

Anyone have some great DIY projects to share? I'm looking to make jewelry, frames, maybe add some girly accents to my room :)



Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Glutinous Avenger

As I'm getting closer to my Italian departure, I started doing some research on eating gluten-free in Italy. When I went to Italy before, I had been cautioned by my doctors to eat wheat/gluten minimally, but not told that it was the cause of all my digestive woes. Alas, I was an unwary traveller, and not being familiar with the country, or that there were even gluten-free options, I paid the price for eating not-so-gluten-free. Half a panini into my lunch, I felt the familiar ache, cramp and nausea. Yup, wrong choice. Fortunately, my teachers were very accommodating when it came to group meals,  otherwise my diet consisted of a lot of produce (not always the cheapest option) and asian food from the supermarket. This time, being fully realized of my dietary dilemma (I love alliteration) I did some searching for tips from fellow gluten-avoiders. I found some amazing ideas! And something I would have never thought of on my own, the farmacia (pharmacy) carries gluten-free goods! Whoda thunk it?? That will definitely be my first stop once I arrive in Florence. Along my interweb travels, I discovered some helpful lasses who gave me gluten-free hope for my travels! Thanks so much ladies!

Celiac Chicks

A Gluten-Free Guide

Gluten-Free Girl

Aha spaghetti, we will meet again. This time you will not be so fortunate as to upset my tummy. 

Thursday, April 7, 2011

C'était un jour pour ne faire rien

It's the end of another semester, the light is starting to become visible at the end of the tunnel, le moment est arriver, tout est fait! I digress. I'll admit I'm getting a little anxious to end this semester. It's easy to fall into a comfort zone and studying (or not studying in my case 75% of the time), coffee, class, buses, sleep...I'll be doing something of an adjustment when i jet to Italy in exactly 21 days (!).
Until then, I'm working on a paper on the influence of Picasso in the early 20th century. As you can see, I'm hard at work. Ensuite, je vais faire mes devoirs de francais. Alors, ce n'est pas mon choix prefere, mais pour etre reussir a mes examens la semaine derniere, c'est important.

On another note, I am partial to photography that examines the human form with a non-human abstraction. Thus, I bring you Edward Weston. Amazing photographer in the 1920s. Here is one of my favourites.

Nude, 1925
image borrowed from History of Photography

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Alliteration Wednesdays

Trying out my polyvore again. Not sure how to work it but I'm finding it a little tedious to post and link every photo like I was doing. If anyone has any tips/programs that work better please please let me know!
Today is brought to you by the letter D.

I love D&G cherry print bikinis.
I love David&Young fedoras.
I love Miss Dior perfume.
I love Diane Van Furstenberg wedges.
I love Deka Ray rings.
D. by whitb on

Monday, April 4, 2011

Le beau cheval

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend, I know I did. By a change in circumstances I got to go to Cavalia yesterday! Amazing, abso-freakin-lutely amazing. Ever since I had to stop at 15 because of my scoliosis, I have missed horseback riding more than anything. I started when I was about 4, and completely fell in love with horses. I initially hadn't wanted to see the show because I though it would be too hard to watch, but I'm very glad I did. What I loved most was the organic feel the show had, showing the relationship between people and horses. So much was done bareback and without any actual touching, just an emotional energetic connection. Truly amazing to watch, I got a little emotional and remembered how much I missed riding. I did some horse shows, nothing too advanced, but I loved just being on a horse more than the competition. The one downside to living in the city is there are few trail riding companies, mostly lessons. I'm hoping this summer to be able to get back in the saddle (haha). I definitely had a passion for riding, and I'm dying to have it back in my life.
If you haven't checked out Cavalia, I highly recommend it! Well worth the price, it's a one of a kind show.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bustle Bee

Been a while since I wrote any poetry. I'm feeling a little artistic today (I still have pastels under my nails).
Happy Sunday everyone. xoxo

Have you beaten the path
the one that crumpled beneath your toes
the grass that brushed your calves
and dusted seeds into your socks?

Where's the edge to stand upon?
curl your toes,
your socks a treasure, neatly planted.

Lead the wind
a bustle at your back
bunched and ribboned,
tied and bowed,
a lace breeze,
your garment of the season.

Have you held back the spring,
before it leaks into a frenzy
it's busy bustle, your bustle
rustle and breeze on by.
little spring,
it's time to cross the ledge,
sprig into action
little bustle bee.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Photo Picks

What's wrong with a little visual indulgence? A little beach wishing, dress envy, accessory jealousy, and maybe a mystery locale, too. Have a great Saturday!






Friday, April 1, 2011

Exam? Must be April 1st.

Ahhhhh short and sweet just needed to turn my brain off from studying french for a minute. Exam in 3 hours, not prepared. TGIF and only one more week of classes!
Counting down the days until I'll be basking in the Tuscan sun.
I'm on the fence about bringing my laptop with me. Anyone have any advice? If I don't it'll be a long month til I can upload photos etc. (and no blog!)
Enjoy the weekend, fingers crossed we get some sunshine!

{ps I know this is random but I just found this photo of Hello Kitty sushi. Adorable!}