I'm a early twenties student working and studying full time in beautiful Vancouver,  and I love being inspired by out of the ordinary moments of beauty, laughter and passion. I am a true West Coast girl; Pilates, yoga, hiking, rain boots, textbooks and chai lattes make up a lot of my days. When I'm not enjoying some of my outdoor interests I am truly falling in love with my studies in art history. I believe that your passions will guide you to where you will be your happiest, and that's what I'm trying to do. I think like a lot of students I often struggle with motivation, even when you're interested in something, we're only human, after all. And I believe that's what makes our passions that much more evident, when we can not only be inspired to love something, but to get off our butts and do it, those are the things that you'll follow the rest of your lives.

 I love baking, and only gluten-free! I try to adapt non-gf recipes when I can, and I love experimenting with ingredients. We're so lucky to have a rising cult culture of gluten-free foods and stores, it makes shopping and baking that much easier!

I love style, but I wish my own was better. I'm usually a lululemon (I know..) and comfy tees kind of girl. I have a weakness for jeggings and boots, and oversized tees with dolman sleeves. Not into high heels...yes they're beautiful but I think my upbringing (my mom is an amazing  leader in the Pilates world) has had an effect on me. Thus I try to wear boots and flats when I go out (heels are for very, very special occasions only!)

I love my dog, art, poetry, coincidences, inspiring bloggers (!), Spanish Banks, post-structural thinkers and perspectives, tattoos,  and those moments that make you grateful to have what you do, and live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Someday, I'll go back to Florence, Italy.

Nothing matters more than what matters to your heart.

Thanks for stopping by!