Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Idle passings

Does anyone else like to waste time on awesome sites? 

(Yes, I couldn't think of much else to write about right now...)

Friday, September 21, 2012

Revival, turning over a new leaf...equally cliche comment on ressurecting my blog?

I'm running out of excuses for being a huge flake with this thing. Writing a blog definitely comes in waves for me. I have no logical reason why this is so. Perhaps I have a short attention span? Perhaps I have a fear of disapproval? Perhaps I am bored? For one reason or another it has always risen as a form of therapeutic self-indulgence for me. And I think it becomes all the more soothing when I return to my normal school/work schedule and need a mental vacation from the bustle and dreariness of everyday life. So, I am trying to spruce it up!

Sadly no baking to report of (that may change though, the holidays are coming up).

I feel like I want to give a preliminary testimonial to my new life as a UBC student. Part of this comes from my desire to blog more in the future. I miss writing. It was always come so easy for me that I suppose it was also an easy thing to neglect. But I digress. My experience thus far at UBC has proved to be a mix of disappointment, and an invigorating feeling of hope for the future. On the one hand, my class which I was hoping would interest me has proven to be quite the opposite. On the latter, I believe I have settled on a faculty choice for my minor, something I was so far unsure I would even decide to pick.

Campus eating has proved to be what I expected, unfortunately. Gluten free has not made much of a presence to say the least. My schedule allows me to eat at home before classes however. Are you gluten free on campus? Aside from bringing your own snacks or eating off campus, I don't believe us non-gluteners have much choice.

On a happier note, I am enjoying student life. I am looking at it as an opportunity to not only continue my studies in the conventional education system, but to strive to expand my boundaries of self discovery. I worked hard to get into university, I feel I have earned a bit of privilege to learn beyond the classroom, and without killing myself for a GPA. In the end, it's the times you spend enjoying yourself that you look back on fondly, and as I have no corporate or conventionally studious ambitions, I intend to enjoy my school years, before they're gone and I have to be an adult (sigh).

So, thoughts? comments? What has been your greatest realization or disappointment with university? Would you, should you, do things differently? If you're a novice blogger in university, what have been your greatest inspirations for your writing?