Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Breathing Room

It's still taking me a lifetime to figure everything out, and by my calculations, that's about the normal rate to go about it. If things were truly meant to fall into your lap, or so simple you didn't have to agonize over it, it wouldn't be worth it. Or that's what I'm told. The easiest advice to listen to is one you can't argue with. Like someone telling you "there's always someone worse off", or "the best things in life are worth waiting for". I'm all for living life to the fullest and striving for amazing, not settling for mediocre, but sometimes it'd be nice to read something that says it's ok to revel in the little, insignificant, selfish things we all do every day. If it weren't for the small things, no one would get out of bed. If it weren't for the guilty pleasures and twinges of ego we all feel, the world would be too idealistic for its own good. I like the things that make life imperfect, and the cynicism that keeps me grounded. I'm still optimistic, but I like being able to see a glass in both its states of fullness. Sometimes it is half empty, and that's ok too. Life isn't about being an eternal optimist, or convincing yourself there is beauty everywhere, because sometimes it's the ugly parts that makes us see the beauty a little clearer.
To me, life is about creating your own in anything. It's about applying your energy and focusing it, or not, for that matter. We all stress about not doing one-hundred percent all the time, and then feel guilty when we do something completely normal, and human. Urges of the heart, mind, and body should not be ignored. As long as you're careful and keep yourself safe, don't let the constraints of others hold you back.

Ok, now I'm starting to sound like a re-posted motivational blurb.

My bottom line, if you care to know, is to live, love, and learn with a passionate heart. Above all, believe in your ability to stay true to what makes that fire in your belly, that sense of purpose, regardless of if you're saving the world, or just talking yourself up before a big decision. No matter what or who, or where, it's more important to create your own anything.
Even if that's just a little blog post every now and then.