Sunday, November 21, 2010

All that's on my mind today..


the best things are the ones worth waiting for..
Je t'aime Paris, XOXO

S'il vous plait, sauvegardez-moi un pain au chocolat, une cafe au lait, et un siege pres de la rue <3 

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Some Things are Awesome. Others not so much.

fimeListening to The XX on a long break at school; some things just evoke a sense of productivity. But since I can't think of something in particular to write about, here's a few things I don't care to get typing-arthritis over:

1. Royal Weddings
2. Sarah Palin's reality TV show
3. Jersey Shore (yes i hope some people get ticked off by this)
4. Bristol Palin and The Situation talking about safe sex
5. What celebrities are knocked up. Again.
6. People who only post music videos on their Facebook newsfeed
7. BBM updates every hour. Really? get Twitter so I don't have to give a fuck.
8. the NBA
9. American Idol. Yup still not a fan. Went totally downhill from the beginning.
10. Dance Off Pants Off.

Annnd some things that are pretty awesome:

1. Cake Boss
2. Sunday morning brunch
3. Ryan Reynolds voted Sexiest Man Alive
4. baking
5. organic teas
6. blogging (tehe)
7. CHRISTMAS (38 days by the way)
8. The Hangover, Due Date, Dinner for Shmucks (bit of a Zack Galifinakis theme)
9. Boardwalk Empire. Solid show.
10. Coupons! (guess who gets to go shopping?!)
11. nail polish
12. winter layers
13. baking (so good you say it twice)

take me away.
If you're out there readers, drop me a line of things you think are awesome (or really not).
Don't be a douche and say Jersey Shore.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

On A Rainy Day...

let the bursts startSo staying in this morning on a blustery day, I thought I'd give some of my favourite Vancity things a shoutout.

Vancouver Poetry Slams at Cafe Deux Soleil on Commercial Dr.
These poets have chops! Some of the most insightful, politically incorrect, subversive and often downright rude verbs pass through the lips of the veteran slammers at Cafe Deux Soleil. I started attending slams when I was but a young, teenage-angst filled 14 year old, looking for a healthy outlet to my disturbed imagination. And so I came to love the slams, they became a Monday night ritual for me and my dad. I even made it to the semifinals one year, winning an Alice Cooper VHS. (okay it was that or a toy retrospect I kinda wish I had picked the lizard.) If you're looking for something different to do on a Monday night, and enjoy the off-beat banter of the creative minds of poetry slammers, then the Slam is definitely a must. Admission is only 5 bucks. Curl up with a hot chai and some chili, and get ready to call out the Rat Bastard!
Check out their Facebook page for upcoming events:
Vancouver Poetry Slam

Shabusen for All You Can Eat Sushi - various locations
I know it's an obvious one, but you find me someone who can say no to all you can eat anything, and i'll show you someone who doesn't know how to truly live. The essence of Vancouver lies in a few key elements: mountains, beaches, dog parks, rain, rain, high-end grunge fashion, and sushi. Oh and more rain. Shabusen has served me well over the years. For sure the most bang for your buck on 420. Annd a great group date. Cheap drinks too!

Memphis Blues BBQ House - Granville & Broadway, Commercial Dr.
Best rib ends and pulled pork sandwiches hands down. Nuff said.

Vancouver TheatreSports - Granville Island
Hilarious!! I've been to the Saturday night TheatreSports and it was by far one of the best weekend activities in this city. Yes there's a bar and yes you get to yell. Absolutely no downside to this amazing audience interactive show. Think Who's Line is it Anyway? but you're involved. Awesome. It's 20 bucks per person, so it's not an every night kind of gig. Shows run all through the week, and apparently the Late night mixer after the TheatreSports is supposed to get a little R rated (wish I'd stayed for it now!)
I'm dying to go back, so if anyone wants a laughing/drinking/yelling buddy, gimme a ring!
Vancouver TheatreSports League

Got a favourite Vancouver gem? Let me know about it, I'll give them a shout out! :)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Where do we go from here?

gl[amour]Being constantly struck with the thought, "what am I supposed to be doing?", i feel it is a cliche to say it out loud. if you can't answer the question yourself, no one can tell you what you should be doing, or when. life would be so much easier if we could all turn to the person next to us and say, "hi stranger, what should i do with my life?" they'd tell you, "probably humanitarian work" or, "you should write a novel". you'd digest, and go about accomplishing it. the randomness that people often attribute to their lives, change in careers or tattoos, would be blissfully out of their control. no more wondering if you're reaching your potential, 'cause you're already there (according to someone else). how fantastic would we look if each haricut, piercing or outfit was decided by someone else? of course you get to have some say in what other people do with their lives. individuality would be redundant. we'd each have a say in each other, no one would be embarrassed of what they wore or did, you'd have the perfect excuse, "oh sorry, Trevor told me to do this today."
InComPLeTewe all do things we don't tell ourselves to where's the line between free will and inner Cheshire Cat?
Do we all secretly like to pull the rug out from under each other?
those cartoons with the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other? how often do you secretly wish they'd listen to the devil?
is the ultimate sin really, not giving into our temptations, and running wild with human nature. if our alter-egos on Halloween are the sins the other 364 days a year, why stop after midnight? keep a little devil or naughty cat in your back pocket. you never know when you'll need a second opinion..

Friday, November 12, 2010

I heartit

photography we heart
Victoria's Vintage %u2665

give all my secrets away.s Tumblr

*photos not mine from

Take what you love and build it up.
Wrinkles and all..


Thursday, November 11, 2010

So much to say..

What defines us as individuals?
what makes each person their Breakfast Club doppelganger?
Do we all subconsciously fill ourselves with what we anticipate others will accept seeing on us?
Wear the right close to suit your nose, your smile, your freckles?
Do we wear our innocence on our sleeves so we don't risk looking like ourselves?

I often want to be outrageous. Just plain dirty looking...not the cherry-cheeked freckle-face I see every day.
sometimes leather just looks too harsh...other times i feel plain bad ass hot.
If i wore my insides on my sleeve..i can only imagine the words. Trouble. capital T capital Uh oh.

Who's your inner monster?

Writing like no one will read this is almost like writing your own biography. (FYI a biography is a memoir written by someone other than yourself, an autobiography is written by, you guess it..)
you can make yourself look as bright-eyed, love-handle free and fabulous as you want. A edited diary, blockbuster material at its finest.
Dig a little deeper, your worms go deeper than your roots..

Find your inner magpie; sweet as a cherry, without the stem tying trick.
 Be your own Criminal, Basket Case, Nerdy, Jockey, little Princess.

Shine on little star. <3

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Geocache this!

Over this summer I had the opportunity to try my hand at Geo Caching. for those of you who have never tried it, geocaching is an online global network of people who put up the GPS coordinates for hidden "caches" or trinkets around the world. The game is free, anyone can play, and you don't have to contribute to the caches once you find one.
My younger brother brought this amazing community to my attention while our family vacationed in Tofino. needless to say i was more than stoked. He'd stumbled across it on a little island that's accessible by foot when the tide is out. The next day, we trekked out to it and honestly, all I could think was this island would be an awesome place to hide out..etc etc...
I contributed a hemp bracelet I'd made the night before, and a note with my email, hoping whoever chose to take the bracelet would let me know who it's proud new owner was.
A week later I got an email. A young man had discovered the cache (not a cache virgin), and decided to take my bracelet. Awesome! We've become facebook friends, cuz as everyone knows that's the true mark of knowing someone these days.
I am on the hunt for more caches in my city, and have a mission to add a hemp bracelet to each one and become world-renown as the Hemp Bracelet Girl from Vancouver. yeah it's a small goal, but seriously geo caching is freaking sweeet! Check it out, come and play :)


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Aging Bitties

So while reading the Vancouver Sun today, I was prompted to want to write my first smug editorial letter. Without disclosing any names, I will say that I was less than a little offended by the comments of what is deemed appropriate clothing for fall, and the articles that should be regretted. I noticed a clear pattern: the obvious tone of a middle-aged woman who's become bitter over her post-attractive period of life. Alas, I will boast, being still in my fashion faux-pas early 20s, that I own the majority of the items listed. Such items, skinny jeans, leggings, Ugg boots (yes I am defending these. Deal with it) appeal to the younger generation. Our aging bittie columnist is misinformed in calling this items "unfashionable".
Alas the realization that she can no longer take part in the ever-changing fashion trends seems to have caught up with our dear old writer. I am impressed this writer did find the time to write an entire news-worthy article on the clothing she can no longer fit or wear proudly in public.
Although I am not unfamiliar with this breed of menopausal bitties, their stubbornness towards youth will continue to amaze me. It is these crow-eyed glares that make me walk the streets of Vancouver in my skinny jeans (better yet, jeggings) and Ugg boots, and revel in my youth. When the day comes that I must fill my edema-swelled orthopedics and elastic waisted pants, I will accept these shortcomings with pride and gracefully step aside for the firm-assed, age-appropriately dressed youngsters. I will respect their smugness, 'cause by golly, they've earned it!