Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Aging Bitties

So while reading the Vancouver Sun today, I was prompted to want to write my first smug editorial letter. Without disclosing any names, I will say that I was less than a little offended by the comments of what is deemed appropriate clothing for fall, and the articles that should be regretted. I noticed a clear pattern: the obvious tone of a middle-aged woman who's become bitter over her post-attractive period of life. Alas, I will boast, being still in my fashion faux-pas early 20s, that I own the majority of the items listed. Such items, skinny jeans, leggings, Ugg boots (yes I am defending these. Deal with it) appeal to the younger generation. Our aging bittie columnist is misinformed in calling this items "unfashionable".
Alas the realization that she can no longer take part in the ever-changing fashion trends seems to have caught up with our dear old writer. I am impressed this writer did find the time to write an entire news-worthy article on the clothing she can no longer fit or wear proudly in public.
Although I am not unfamiliar with this breed of menopausal bitties, their stubbornness towards youth will continue to amaze me. It is these crow-eyed glares that make me walk the streets of Vancouver in my skinny jeans (better yet, jeggings) and Ugg boots, and revel in my youth. When the day comes that I must fill my edema-swelled orthopedics and elastic waisted pants, I will accept these shortcomings with pride and gracefully step aside for the firm-assed, age-appropriately dressed youngsters. I will respect their smugness, 'cause by golly, they've earned it!