Sunday, December 30, 2012

Here it comes

Lately, it seems the only thing that motivates me is procrastination. And it's got me thinking. Why is time wasting so much more interesting than what's actually happening to us? Why do we look for distractions from the present? I don't have an answer. at least not a definitive one. The way I see things, the grass always seems greener, even if it's only the grass you're going to deal with tomorrow, or next month. For now, and in the spirit of tomorrow's year end fĂȘte, I want to start watering my own grass a little bit more. Maybe that's an odd metaphor...

Whatever the case, it's the end of another year. One that I hope will pale in comparison to the one to come (there's that greener grass already). There always seems to be so much pressure to make resolutions, and then to follow them through. In my opinion, January is a terrible time to start a resolution. Unless that resolution can be fulfilled lounging on your couch watching Dexter (I know I'm not the only one), then maybe resolutions aren't the best things to try this time of year. I will admit, I like goal setting. And list making. These are the building blocks of resolutions, true. Yet the accomplishments often fall short of the aforementioned goals.

As the relishing act of procrastinating seems to be a primary driving force, for myself anyway, I wonder, how to put a productive spin on this monkey that's dragging my coat tails? (Damn I wish those were still in style...). Maybe it's the late night lonely nights, maybe it's inspiration from fellow bloggers to get off my kiester, or maybe it's that green, green grass again. I'm not much of a plant person, but sensory wise, lush, green, spring grass is very alluring. Please don't read too much into this grass analogy, I really do mean the ground-covering foliage beneath our feet.

And so, I say bring it on 2013! Do your worst you crazy, mixed-number year, you successor of the end of time, you bearer of greener pastures!  I hope we're ready. And if not, we've got 12 months to get ready for the next one. Happy New Year everyone, and don't forget to smell the flowers while you're enjoying that grass ;)