Thursday, November 18, 2010

Some Things are Awesome. Others not so much.

fimeListening to The XX on a long break at school; some things just evoke a sense of productivity. But since I can't think of something in particular to write about, here's a few things I don't care to get typing-arthritis over:

1. Royal Weddings
2. Sarah Palin's reality TV show
3. Jersey Shore (yes i hope some people get ticked off by this)
4. Bristol Palin and The Situation talking about safe sex
5. What celebrities are knocked up. Again.
6. People who only post music videos on their Facebook newsfeed
7. BBM updates every hour. Really? get Twitter so I don't have to give a fuck.
8. the NBA
9. American Idol. Yup still not a fan. Went totally downhill from the beginning.
10. Dance Off Pants Off.

Annnd some things that are pretty awesome:

1. Cake Boss
2. Sunday morning brunch
3. Ryan Reynolds voted Sexiest Man Alive
4. baking
5. organic teas
6. blogging (tehe)
7. CHRISTMAS (38 days by the way)
8. The Hangover, Due Date, Dinner for Shmucks (bit of a Zack Galifinakis theme)
9. Boardwalk Empire. Solid show.
10. Coupons! (guess who gets to go shopping?!)
11. nail polish
12. winter layers
13. baking (so good you say it twice)

take me away.
If you're out there readers, drop me a line of things you think are awesome (or really not).
Don't be a douche and say Jersey Shore.