Wednesday, November 17, 2010

On A Rainy Day...

let the bursts startSo staying in this morning on a blustery day, I thought I'd give some of my favourite Vancity things a shoutout.

Vancouver Poetry Slams at Cafe Deux Soleil on Commercial Dr.
These poets have chops! Some of the most insightful, politically incorrect, subversive and often downright rude verbs pass through the lips of the veteran slammers at Cafe Deux Soleil. I started attending slams when I was but a young, teenage-angst filled 14 year old, looking for a healthy outlet to my disturbed imagination. And so I came to love the slams, they became a Monday night ritual for me and my dad. I even made it to the semifinals one year, winning an Alice Cooper VHS. (okay it was that or a toy retrospect I kinda wish I had picked the lizard.) If you're looking for something different to do on a Monday night, and enjoy the off-beat banter of the creative minds of poetry slammers, then the Slam is definitely a must. Admission is only 5 bucks. Curl up with a hot chai and some chili, and get ready to call out the Rat Bastard!
Check out their Facebook page for upcoming events:
Vancouver Poetry Slam

Shabusen for All You Can Eat Sushi - various locations
I know it's an obvious one, but you find me someone who can say no to all you can eat anything, and i'll show you someone who doesn't know how to truly live. The essence of Vancouver lies in a few key elements: mountains, beaches, dog parks, rain, rain, high-end grunge fashion, and sushi. Oh and more rain. Shabusen has served me well over the years. For sure the most bang for your buck on 420. Annd a great group date. Cheap drinks too!

Memphis Blues BBQ House - Granville & Broadway, Commercial Dr.
Best rib ends and pulled pork sandwiches hands down. Nuff said.

Vancouver TheatreSports - Granville Island
Hilarious!! I've been to the Saturday night TheatreSports and it was by far one of the best weekend activities in this city. Yes there's a bar and yes you get to yell. Absolutely no downside to this amazing audience interactive show. Think Who's Line is it Anyway? but you're involved. Awesome. It's 20 bucks per person, so it's not an every night kind of gig. Shows run all through the week, and apparently the Late night mixer after the TheatreSports is supposed to get a little R rated (wish I'd stayed for it now!)
I'm dying to go back, so if anyone wants a laughing/drinking/yelling buddy, gimme a ring!
Vancouver TheatreSports League

Got a favourite Vancouver gem? Let me know about it, I'll give them a shout out! :)