Saturday, November 13, 2010

Where do we go from here?

gl[amour]Being constantly struck with the thought, "what am I supposed to be doing?", i feel it is a cliche to say it out loud. if you can't answer the question yourself, no one can tell you what you should be doing, or when. life would be so much easier if we could all turn to the person next to us and say, "hi stranger, what should i do with my life?" they'd tell you, "probably humanitarian work" or, "you should write a novel". you'd digest, and go about accomplishing it. the randomness that people often attribute to their lives, change in careers or tattoos, would be blissfully out of their control. no more wondering if you're reaching your potential, 'cause you're already there (according to someone else). how fantastic would we look if each haricut, piercing or outfit was decided by someone else? of course you get to have some say in what other people do with their lives. individuality would be redundant. we'd each have a say in each other, no one would be embarrassed of what they wore or did, you'd have the perfect excuse, "oh sorry, Trevor told me to do this today."
InComPLeTewe all do things we don't tell ourselves to where's the line between free will and inner Cheshire Cat?
Do we all secretly like to pull the rug out from under each other?
those cartoons with the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other? how often do you secretly wish they'd listen to the devil?
is the ultimate sin really, not giving into our temptations, and running wild with human nature. if our alter-egos on Halloween are the sins the other 364 days a year, why stop after midnight? keep a little devil or naughty cat in your back pocket. you never know when you'll need a second opinion..