Thursday, November 11, 2010

So much to say..

What defines us as individuals?
what makes each person their Breakfast Club doppelganger?
Do we all subconsciously fill ourselves with what we anticipate others will accept seeing on us?
Wear the right close to suit your nose, your smile, your freckles?
Do we wear our innocence on our sleeves so we don't risk looking like ourselves?

I often want to be outrageous. Just plain dirty looking...not the cherry-cheeked freckle-face I see every day.
sometimes leather just looks too harsh...other times i feel plain bad ass hot.
If i wore my insides on my sleeve..i can only imagine the words. Trouble. capital T capital Uh oh.

Who's your inner monster?

Writing like no one will read this is almost like writing your own biography. (FYI a biography is a memoir written by someone other than yourself, an autobiography is written by, you guess it..)
you can make yourself look as bright-eyed, love-handle free and fabulous as you want. A edited diary, blockbuster material at its finest.
Dig a little deeper, your worms go deeper than your roots..

Find your inner magpie; sweet as a cherry, without the stem tying trick.
 Be your own Criminal, Basket Case, Nerdy, Jockey, little Princess.

Shine on little star. <3