Friday, April 15, 2011

A Late Alliteration & An Apology

So so sorry I missed Alliteration Wednesday (and Thursday). Yesterday just got a little busy. On the bright side I got to see the 25th Anniversary show for Ballet BC, which I liked 75% percent of. A couple of my favourite choreographers, and the dancers looked fantastic, 15 of them! A big improvement from their cut-backs last year.
And another silver lining, the semester is over! Finally! I won't celebrate too obnoxiously, I know there are many who have not even begun their exams. The best of luck to everyone, you've worked so hard this is just the last hurdle until you can take up a permanent beach residence, and cool drinks on patios.
To make up for missing my Alliteration Wednesday, I thought I'd do more than items that I love.
 I believe today is the letter E. Gonna try and just list as many things that are awesome that begins with D. Annnd go!

Elmo (yeah from Sesame St.)

Engagement rings 1/2/3
Evening walks
Edward Weston  photography
Ebay (first thing Google came up with for E)
Essie nail polish
When was the last time anyone used email?
Erotica (yeah I said it)
Solar AND lunar Eclipses. Those are waayy cool.


Planet Earth. The best sick/rainy/sunny/lazy/anykindof day movies. they are totally, ohhh EPIC. (two E's in one topic). Yeah I'm that extraordinary today. Maybe even a little excessive? Elusive? Eloquent. Ahh Exceptional.
I think I've fallen in love with Writing will never be the same. Might even get a little eccentric.

Alright maybe I got a little carried away.
Hope you enjoyed this  delayed Alliteration Wednesday aka Friday.