Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bustle Bee

Been a while since I wrote any poetry. I'm feeling a little artistic today (I still have pastels under my nails).
Happy Sunday everyone. xoxo

Have you beaten the path
the one that crumpled beneath your toes
the grass that brushed your calves
and dusted seeds into your socks?

Where's the edge to stand upon?
curl your toes,
your socks a treasure, neatly planted.

Lead the wind
a bustle at your back
bunched and ribboned,
tied and bowed,
a lace breeze,
your garment of the season.

Have you held back the spring,
before it leaks into a frenzy
it's busy bustle, your bustle
rustle and breeze on by.
little spring,
it's time to cross the ledge,
sprig into action
little bustle bee.