Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Alliteration Wednesdays

Okay kiddies, here we go! Put on your thinking caps, and don't look at me like that 'cause today we're doing the letter F. (turn that frown upside down, F can be silly too)

I love Florence and the Machine
I love the word Fabulous. Fantastic. Fanatical. Fantabulous. Folly. Far-Fetched.
I love love love Figs.
I love Flea Markets.
I love Food (deep breath) - fondue, filet mignon, fudge, french fries, french toast, fruit, fajitas, falafel, feta cheese, fish (like flounder), flan, funnel cake...
I love Frappacinos 
I love Foxes

I love Film Noirs, like Sunset Boulevard 
I love the Fact that it's Easter weekend and I get to Frig-off for Five days! (a little lack-luster in the alliteration department, my apologies)
I love Flagellum - yeah, like the cellular form of locomotion. 
I love Fabric (like Fleece)

Okay that's it for now, I know I could carry on but I need to set-off to work, and I would Feel guilty not producing an Alliteration Wednesday until this evening. Take care my Friendly, Freakish, Folly-wags!


  1. Florence + The Machine is my favourite!!!! Have you seen her live? She's amazing <3

  2. I wish! I have seen videos of her live. She has such a presence, and an amazing voice!

  3. Florence + The machine!
    Film Noir, my favourite is Double Indemnity
    You know how I feel about FOXES, especially Siberian ones.