Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Packing Mouse (Guest Blogger maybs?)

Another Tuesday. The last before I leave for the island this weekend, second last before I jet to Italy. Today I'm catching up on all the housework I should have done this weekend instead of watching SATC/Say Yes To The Dress/Clueless. Somehow I envisioned being 80% packed before this Friday. I've made a list. That's about it. So to help my packing procrastinations, I searched some helpful tips for making trips of any size more comfortable.A29f22da5b932fee3df487d5d408cf24_large

This is a great abroad packing list for long trips.

I've read from numerous sites that sticking to one colour family of clothing is the best way to go. That shouldn't be a problem, I'm a neutral/navy/black offender most of the time. However I don't know how comfortable that will be in 40 degree Italian heat??

I tend to be a pretty efficient packing, re-wearing, hand-washing traveller.
That and I'm cheap.
Real Simple suggested packing your suitcase like a layered cake. Rolled items like tshirts, jeans socks, on the bottom, and folded items in the middle. Wrapping belts and scarves around the edges to help keep everything together, and all shoes in a large re-sealable plastic bag.

As far as electronics, I'm probably bringing my two digital cameras. My Olympus baby is a little bulky with its removable lens, so I think a compact one for lighter days is a good idea. Plus iPod, plus phone, the idea of unplugging for five weeks is getting to be harder than I thought.

As a city rat going out to the Italian countryside, I know that no matter what I bring it won't be the most appropriate choice. What can I say, I love comfy west coast style. I will miss my trusty Uggs though. I think as urban as I can get is some aviators and boyfriend jeans. My Birkinstock sandals will be right at home!

Does anyone have any good travel or packing tips? Regret thankful for bringing or forgetting anything when you've taken a trip? If you're traveling soon, where are you headed amigos? Dream vacations?
I wanna hear your whimsies and starry-eyed giggle fits. 

Tomorrow: Alliteration Wednesday, brought to you by the letter F. Let's have some clean-minded fun with this one, kiddies.

ALSO: putting out the word, (no not bird), for a guest blogger while I Italianize. Any takers? I know this blog's a wee baby but I'd hate for it to be neglected for five long weeks. Think cute photo-lover, vision and fashion sharer, and you don't have to be from Vancouver! Must love belugas and gluten-free food.