Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Glutinous Avenger

As I'm getting closer to my Italian departure, I started doing some research on eating gluten-free in Italy. When I went to Italy before, I had been cautioned by my doctors to eat wheat/gluten minimally, but not told that it was the cause of all my digestive woes. Alas, I was an unwary traveller, and not being familiar with the country, or that there were even gluten-free options, I paid the price for eating not-so-gluten-free. Half a panini into my lunch, I felt the familiar ache, cramp and nausea. Yup, wrong choice. Fortunately, my teachers were very accommodating when it came to group meals,  otherwise my diet consisted of a lot of produce (not always the cheapest option) and asian food from the supermarket. This time, being fully realized of my dietary dilemma (I love alliteration) I did some searching for tips from fellow gluten-avoiders. I found some amazing ideas! And something I would have never thought of on my own, the farmacia (pharmacy) carries gluten-free goods! Whoda thunk it?? That will definitely be my first stop once I arrive in Florence. Along my interweb travels, I discovered some helpful lasses who gave me gluten-free hope for my travels! Thanks so much ladies!

Celiac Chicks

A Gluten-Free Guide

Gluten-Free Girl

Aha spaghetti, we will meet again. This time you will not be so fortunate as to upset my tummy.