Sunday, September 25, 2011

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{Insert inspirational quote here}

As much as our modern culture feeds into the necessity and vitality of youth, as a young 20something I find it's a hard demographic to stand out in. Whether you're looking for yourself through fitness, meditation, philosophy, traveling, an avid social life, or excelling in school, it's still hard to find a niche that addresses all our needs. I can only speak for myself. And my observations, and lackluster research have led me to this: those who you think care; don't. Those who you want to, won't in time to realize how amazing you really are. And those who never will? Are just missing out. But those who do care, are the only ones that matter.
 Call me crazy, but if we all fed into our own egos once in a while and only lived up to our own expectations, we might realize it doesn't have to be so lonely at the top, if you're surrounded by equally outstanding people.
It doesn't mean squat if you keep hearing what a great person you are, unless you believe it. I'm not going to drone on, and this is mainly to reiterate what I've been preaching in my own head. But if it's in writing it's a lot harder to ignore. So aside from all of you, here are some things that are absolutely awesome.

Don't ignore your instincts; it's what keeps us a little animal. And trust your gut.Tumblr_ls2y3cmrql1qed43zo1_500_large

Live a little. Nobody ever died from self indulgence once in a while. And I don't mean any extremes, don't be a wisenheimer. I mean that gingerbread latte once in a while. Or casual coital romps. Or prank phone calls. Or wearing sweatpants all weekend. Whatever it is, it's ok.

Do one thing a day that if the world ended tomorrow, you'd regret not having done it, more than if it blows up in your face today. Think small, and big things will happen.

Don't strive to be anything but the hottest version of yourself. Be vain if it pushes you to try harder. Be selfish if that means taking better care of your body. Be obnoxious if it's standing up for what you believe in. Be inspired.

It's not easy to try to be better than what we think we can be. And I'm not speaking from someone who has risen above my insecurities, or overcome obstacles to become the gem of a person I want to be. Because I'm still experiencing the journey that will get me there. I'm only speaking from somewhere that I know everyone has inside their heads too,
all you have to do is listen. 
And tell the rest of it to shut up.

Hope you all had a great weekend. And if not, there's only 5 more sleeps to try again.