Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Facts: More than one blogger's opinion

I am always one to sing praises for all-natural skin-care and organic products, but I feel I must add a disclaimer: I am not a doctor, skin-care specialist or have any expertise in what I recommend other than my own personal testimony. They may not work for everyone, but the research I've done, as well as my education in aromatherapy, massage, basic skin-care, anatomy, as well as my personal experience, has led me to trust more in natural and homemade products than anything synthetic or store bought. I'm just one blogger putting my love of naturalism out there, and I hope it works for you too! At the very least, you're investing in your body. Your skin is your largest organ after all, anything you put on it will go directly into your bloodstream and affect the rest of you too. Something to keep in mind when you want to get a self tanner or shimmery lotion...
So, if my opinion does not satisfy you to try natural cleansers, oils and edible scrubs, then here is a website that began my self-imposed exile from commercial products. (be warned, you may rethink everything you've ever bought for your skin...)

They list products by recognizable labels, so just search your current moisturizer, cleanser, sunscreen, nailpolish, makeup, and see what happens. They list all ingredients, as well as the Hazard Level. This was a game-changer. Try your favourite concealer ladies, it might make you think about what you're putting on your skin!
On that note, My wonderful girlfriend Della recommended me to this amazing site. It started with a jello recipe, annd one thing led to another, naturally I was looking at the skin-care Instructables
This one caught my eye; something I had neglected to suggest! Now, bear with me, this one sounds counterintuitive as well, but hear me out (and read the Instructable!).
Wash your face...with oil. Just do it, try it once, a week, a month if you can! I like to use olive oil. I got hooked on it as an all-body oil and cleanser when I first went to Italy and forgot to bring any skin products with me. My hippie brain kicked in, and I used olive oil it for everything! My skin took to it like Nemo to the open sea. When I returned, I unconsciously went back to my normal skin regime. On my next visit to my kinesiologist, she said I was lacking something in my diet. Turns out, my body had gotten used to "eating" olive oil through my skin that it required that essential nutritional and moisturizing boost.

 So try it. When I ever suggest oils for the skin people cringe and say "doesn't it make your skin all oily???". Well duh, what would you rather your sebaceous glands secrete? Lotion? Your skin already produces natural oils to hydrate itself, when would you consciously put anything else on it? On the last page of the Instructable she recommends different oils based on heaviness and consistency. I like olive and coconut (in the winter as it's heavier). Jojoba is closest to your skin's natural pH level, so your skin will accept it the easiest. 

Try it out! Let me know what you think! If you have a favourite natural skin remedy you'd like me to give a shout out to, leave a comment! 
Have a great Tuesday everyone!


P.S. Oil is also awesome for your hair...more tomorrow!