Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Ok I'm about to lay down some serious knowledge.

My hands. Are so soft. No jokes kids. A-maz-ing.  And I did it all by myself. With a little help from this awesome website - go here for the recipe to make your DIY Body Scrubs.
No more lusting after expensive scrubs. This one is for real. I've made brown sugar scrubs in the past but had forgotten how unbelievable my hands feel afterward. If only I had a hand to hold now... ;)

As soon as I read this recipe I said: Done. It was an immediate impulse and I urge you to try it right away too! Only takes 5 minutes to make and you'll be so thankful you did. Your hands will thank you too!

Hope this brightens your Tuesday night!

Tip: massage it into your hands over the sink - it's a little messy but totally dissolvable! Finish with a hand massage of your favourite oil and you are set! Do it before your next manicure and use weekly this winter to help your hands stay soft and moisturized! Remember to wear gloves and moisturize more often when it gets cold!

image: Pinterest