Monday, January 31, 2011

Lazylazy January

The end of the month reminded me of the New Years resolutions that I haven't even come close to. Running hasn't started. But in my defense I have thought about it almost daily..the guilt factor is slowing building up! Soon I might even consider the idea. Also haven't taken photography lessons. That is a matter of plane ticket doubled in price so that's going to have to wait for a while. Okay, I also haven't been doing any more geocaching or reading. Baby steps though, I am verging on midterm season and need to stay focused. I also don't think I picked very interesting resolutions this year. I just don't feel the prolific urge to complete them. So, maybe some simpler, more inviting tasks will get me in the mood.
Tlee_img_0425_largeAnybody got any good ideas?

It's gonna be a long day
if you can't even get off
the couch
to look for the remote.

Especially when
you can see it
lying on the table
right by your feet.