Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Housewifing


Sunday Housewifing, another success. Vacuumed, dishes done, drank copious amounts of coffee and watched backtobacktobacktoback SATC. And I might as well have a toddler, considering my dog is the canine equivalent. Throwing-up. Twice. In two days. Same spot on the bed. My duvet cover is undoubtedly upset about this...a new one might be needed.
To cheer myself up from this infantile-infused Hell, I looked up some gorgeous home ideas that would be really awesome. A big bedroom lust I have is a closet. As I have about half of one...So here are some lovely closets that I would trade my snowglobe from Paris for. (FYI I love that thing)


SevenEight - The Blog of Mika78

{and some beautiful beds}
wet behind the ears.

wet behind the ears.

Iron tree bed ~ Shawn Lovell Metalworks on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

images from weheartit