Monday, January 31, 2011

Tidbits; lacking inspiration today.

I saw an interesting leaf today.
Not exactly attractive or
photo-worthy but,
If I hadn't been looking at my feet
I would have walked
right past it,
not even blinked an eye.

Its edges are soggy
half its stem is gone
it's not good looking, this leaf.
Half in a mud puddle
half stomped into the dirt
its ruddy colour blends into the earth.

Why this leaf?
It is not the picture of
autumn deja vu.
It's a wintered, weathered
that I still have 12 weeks and 4 days
until the end of school.

barer of wet dreams.
And not the good kind.
Just the ones
where you wish you could
wear shoes without socks
and not get wet.

There's no sarcasm today.
No pithy wit and
pursed lipped smirks.

I'm a little off my game.
Today's not the day
to break someone's heart.
You won't laugh at this,
this little poem.
Or probably the next one.
This line might be a little longer than the rest.
But that's okay,
it's always better to be different.
Even when it's only your mom
who says that's why you're special.

Few can read something
and like it just the way it is.
There's always a line
a word;
one sentencethatkindofrunsonandon
that you'd rather didn't.

Maybe you think,
heart of hearts
that you can do one better.
Outdo the unhero.
Your strides will leave them
in their own dust,
stale and fragrant.