Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Some things I love

There will always be people who get pleasure out of putting other people down. Everyone does it in their heads, and it's my pre-New Years resolution to try and muffle my inner Scrooge. I'm aware that I can be over critical, cynical and a bit of a skeptic at times. But something about the Holidays just makes you want to do better, if only by your own little Tiny Tim. So to pay homage to some things that will always be great, no matter how much of a grump you are, let's be thankful we have what we have. Yes, they can be superficial and materialistic, it's hard not to love new toys I know. And they can be as corny as loving the way some commercials will make you tear up. Here are some of my Grinchless vices:

- my dog Cinnamon, she knows more than Yoda. Mostly because I don't tell Yoda when I burn a pair of oven mitts in the m\icrowave to try and make them warm cuz my hands were cold...

- puzzles. The ultimate time-passer. Take that MLIA

-MLIA. 'cause it is awesome. Though not as awesome as puzzles.

-Christmas carols

- Sunday afternoons. When else can you watch a full 5 hours of SATC?

-baking (psst holiday baking is coming!)

-the way Vancouver feels after a good rain.

-Glee. Anyone watch the Christmas episode last night? Not gonna lie, Arty walking at the end got me teared up. I am not ashamed.

-black and white photos.

-being able to wear lululemons and socked feet at work. I <3 the VPC

-strutting to Stevie Wonder.

-alpaca scarves.

-making lists of things that make me smile. Always a sure way to cheer yourself up :)

have a peacemark in hand.♥
Next time you feel like being a Grinch, remember one thing that makes you happy. It can be as simple as the way your feet are dry when your in the rain, and you're wearing weather appropriate footwear. Or if you find a blog and post a comment that you know would make someone's day :)
Happy Holidays everyone!