Sunday, December 5, 2010

Procrasti...maybe tomorrow.

Soooo procrastination...we all do it. I think half the time, when you're updating your Facebook status to something along the lines of "studying sucks! fml" or "soo screwed for this exam tomorrow!' we're all secretly hoping there's at least one other person out there doing exactly the same thing. Of course, there's a herd, a flock a bloody stampede of people doing exactly that. In the spirit of procrastination, I've decided to dedicate a blog to some of the wonderful sites that I often shamelessly fill my time with. Enjoy Slackers!

MLIA - My Life is Average
Dear Girls Above Me
Awesome crafty/handmade shopping site. Shop local!
Some chick's random blog

Let me know if you have any good ones, everyone knows they'd rather be reading about other people's lives than living their own. :)

once my sadistic-minded exams are over, get excited for Holiday Baking Blogs!
Some things I'm planning on trying are cinnamon buns (yes to honour my Cinnamon), mustache-wearing gingerbread men, and more banana bread, cuz that stuff never goes out of style.
And P.S., it's always wheat-free. Hell to the yes.