Tuesday, March 26, 2013

[tuesday poems @ 9am]

Sometimes it's not your darkest days
that make you see the light.
Your eyes are your cameras
change the shutter speed,
take a second.
the world's a brighter place
without the flash.

See what's just beyond the lens
the flickers, leaps and sunbeams
dancing absently, distracted by 
the light reflecting 
off your body.
Be a brighter light
than the one inside your pocket.

[Sea dreams]
Stormy seas will bring the ebbing tide.
its movements a simple lunar sequence.
it wakes me in the night,
the pull towards
the centre of the earth.

sometimes I wonder what it would feel like
to learn to breathe the earth.
feel worms fly past my ears
and moles yell obscenities 
as I burst through
their underground highway.
I can't even drive below the surface.

I can still hear the sea.
More as a memory than the reality
of its proximity.
my ears will carry its tidal pools
to the farthest arid palms.

I don't think I could live far from the sea.
I don't swim.
Or surf.
I get seasick on boats.
And I'm afraid of deep ocean water.
But do I ever love the sea.