Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekend Successes

This weekend wasn't as baking-tastic as it could have been, but I did discover a great cornbread mix from Ed's Gluten Free Speciality Inc. I believe the brand was One Earth? I threw the packaging out before I had a chance to write it down (doh!). But it's a Creole mix, with kale and sunflower seeds. Sweet, but with a spicy kick. Highly Recommended!

Another lovely success was my first visit to Raw Canvas in Yaletown. If you've never been, and have always wanted to smock-up and paint with a glass of wine in your hand, I suggest you give it a try. I had the best time! I wish I had more time to sit around and paint, it's such a meditative experience for me. Raw Canvas supplies a variety of canvas sizes and provides all paint and tools to bring your inner masterpiece to life. I brought my own canvas (De Serres often has great deals on packages of canvases, and they have a student discount!)

Sunday called for an afternoon of puppy bonding and painting with Della, followed by pakoras and watching No Strings Attached with the lovely Abbie joining us. All around, a successful weekend. The last relaxing one for a little while, I'm hoping to get motivated enough to push through these last couple weeks of school and dominate my exams. High hopes? Probably. Last few weeks before freedom, and hopefully some sunshine! Winter is being a bit of unwelcome party guest...