Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring, you elusive bastard.

Profanity is sometimes necessary. As I sit looking out the window of my school library, all I can think is, "what the hell Mother Nature, what. the. hell??". For a minute it seemed that spring had decided to finally grace us with its presence, however it appears I spoke too soon. This weather is abysmal (been saving that one for a while now). I had high hopes of bringing out blazers, flats and sunglasses soon...Alas, it was not meant to be.
How long will this persist? The forecast shows a glimmer of hope for Monday (?!) with highs of 9 degrees. I guess there's a thin sliver lining to this snowy west coast cloud.

On the bright side, cold weather means more indoor activities. Which means, more baking! Tomorrow I am celebrating the birth of my furry dog-child, Cinnamon. Laugh if you want, but dog parties are more about getting my girlfriends together for a much needed movie and hot tub night, with treats and watching my bulldog Guinness eat a cake that I am making for the two dogs. Hilarity will ensue. I'm making chocolate banana muffins (not for the dogs don't worry), with icing I picked up from Grounds for Coffee. I want to add some mashed banana, as I'm cheating and using a muffin mix from Ed's. I will do more from-scratch baking when this semester is over :)

Cinnamon knows how to party!

Guinness at his most active.

This weekend might be more involuntarily hermit-like than I was hoping for, but sometimes a girl's gotta (finally) start hitting the books a little.

COACHELLA UPDATE: my passes are currently traveling through Kansas on their way to me! Expected delivery date is Monday, March 19th. Anyone else going to Weekend 2?? (If you're not going I apologize. I will take lots of photos to share with you <3 )