Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Next recipe post! Stay Tuned!

This weekend I want to do some celebratory baking in honour of finishing my midterms on Thursday, which seemed to drag on for 3 weeks too long this semester, and to make something new for my lovely boyfriend who is coming to visit <3. I've been wanting to try cinnamon rolls for a while, and I would like to make some for my dog's birthday (yes, I'm throwing her a party) for the human guests. This recipe's been sitting in my Recipe bookmark folder for a few months and I think it's about time I tackled it. I'm always up for the challenge of taking originally non-gluten free recipes and turning them into gluten-free deliciousness. This one, like most of the others I've metamorphosed, will require me to change the flour. So far, I've had success changing most recipes this way, using my GF mix (usually brown or white rice flour, sourgum and tapioca flours, and potato starch. The ratio depends on what i happen to have in the cupboard) instead of using wheat flour.

Here's the original recipe: Apple Cinnamon Rolls. If anyone happens to try it before I do this weekend let me know how it goes! If you make it GF, vegan, dairy free, also let me know! I also usually use almond milk in my baking, I will probably do that this time as well. Almonds and apples are a good combo (also an alliteration combination!) This one probably won't be entirely dairy free, as I like to make cream cheese icing instead of the sugar-based one in the recipe.

Bear with me, I haven't attempted a recipe like this before so it'll be an experiment!
Also, in lieu of the miserable weather, (and the fact that my motivation to study has dwindled since I found out I was accepted to UBC for September) I am looking for recipe suggestions! Particularly muffins or loafs. If you have a favourite you'd like to see me wizard into a gluten-free delight, let me know in a comment!

As for today, I plan to be neck-deep in studying for the rest of the day.
Hope you all enjoy this chilly Tuesday!

Anyone have leap-day plans for tomorrow? Maybe doing something you would never normally do, this day only happens every 4 years, make it count!

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