Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tuition Blunders: A Wanted Ad For Help

Fellow Bloggers,

Captured Blog: NYC from AboveI'm feeling that familiar tug of guilt for being so negligent with my blogging. What was once such a vital little oasis for me has become something of a week-old casserole at the back of the fridge; something I've come to avoid and be ashamed of still having. I am putting it out there to the blogging world that this little blog will no longer be a stale casserole! I am vowing to step forth, and breathe new life into this forsaken place of online blurbing. For better or for worse. I will write. Every day (high hopes, and I am prepared to suffer the consequences of my failure, should it happen).
For all the useless time I spend cruising the internet, trying to find something better to do with my time, I could at least be putting my thoughts out there, and hopefully, some of you will find it interesting. Or if not, let me know and I will strive to find something more interesting to write about.

Friends, this is the beginning of my plight of desperation. A premature twinge to the feeling of absolute hopelessness that I am determined to avoid, has arrived. The more time I invest in researching my future, the more I begin to think about the value of that time. Such time looking at bank loans, tuition costs and quick ways to earn money have made me think that I need to be more proactive. Alas, I am not as independently resourceful as I would like to be. This is where you all come in.
So, I ask, no, I plead for some assistance. If you know me, and I know most of you don't, you will know that asking for help is not something that comes naturally to me. Nor is the idea that I can't find a solution on my own.
So this is my plea: ideas, concepts, however farfetched, I will read and value them all. Dog walking for $50, or contests for much more (yes I have entered some already), please lend me your imaginations. As well as ideas for this tiny blog, I am determined to revive it.
My dream is big: New York University. Your thoughts are my lighthouses, guide me home to New York!

In light of this, I pose this challenge to you: 30 Challenges for 30 Days. Give it a try!

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p.s I'm aware this has usually been Alliteration Wednesday. My Apologies. <3