Thursday, January 6, 2011

Whitney By Definition

We all look for things that defines us as individuals, or as one small part of a bigger picture. Something that makes us more of a "me" and less of a somebody. A little thing that means a lot, or a big thing that sums you up in a moment. A bit of who we are to share every day, or not. Something to keep to ourselves or to broadcast to the world. What we each find defining is as different as the choice we make to share it or to keep it a secret.
What I love about self expression is it's nearly impossible to be anybody else but yourself. Even in copying or trying to replicate something originally done by someone else is an act of pure individuality. Your every breath, laugh, or conversation is a self-orchestrated symphony. You're your own puppeteer and conductor, the mind and the body.
I love the beauty and personalized canvassing that tattooing has for me. I consider them a reflection of different parts of who you are, and what makes you more of an individual. As someone who has suffered from not being in control of their skin, I love the feeling of owning my body by choosing tattoos. My tattoos allow me to own my own skin again, and claim it as I want it to look like.
Tattoos are beautiful, let them say what your words and actions cannot.

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