Sunday, January 9, 2011

Penny Pincher

3 months, 19 days. 

Il futuro Signora barba pazzaScratching my head, thinking up ways to make some extra cash for Italia...

Any Thoughts?

Babysitting: If you have young ones that need minding, I am known to be somewhat entertaining, unmedicated and believably responsible.

Pet Walking/Bathing/Sitting: just as good with the furry variety.

Car/House/Garage/etc Cleaning

Mail on SundayBake Sale: actually I could probably make a good sum of cash selling my delicious baked goods...

(Yes I am aware of what I am qualified to do (massage therapy, make up artist..) but the funds to support both of these are not available...licensing, product...)

Donations also accepted :) I will repay you with the best Italian pepperoni I have ever tasted, direct from Florence, Italy. Also in baked goods :)