Thursday, January 27, 2011

Short Poems 1-6

Getting inspired to write more, I'm blasting out these poems that I wrote today. Comment if you like em! 

Little brother
I do not need to hear you in the shower.
Your gurgles and throat clearing
Do not appeal to my sensitive
Half asleep ears.

Your shoes are shuffling.
Did you notice?
Your feet never leave the ground
When you walk.
Maybe you have noticed
And that’s the way
Uh huh uh huh
You like it.
What a shame then,
Because you look like an idiot.

Poetry submissions.
Each one of you will make it big
You just need to be a little more eloquent
Or maybe,
Just a little bit of a slut.

Do you ever feel like
Everyone is staring at you
On the bus?
I do. I like to think
I’m not too hard on the eyes.
I’m really just giving them someone
Less disgusting to look at.
Someone that doesn’t smell bad
Or play their music too loud.
You’re welcome, people on the bus.

When I listen to music
When I write my poems
I try to not get distracted
And start typing the lyrics.
Why do I listen to music
When I write my poems then?
When I listen to music
When I write my poems
I feel like the music
Is the soundtrack to the
Movie of my life.
And I feel a little more productive
Sitting here
When I write my poems.

Sometimes, it’s easy to over think
what I want to write.
Sometimes I like to repeat words for emphasis.
Use creative enjambment to
Add suspense.

Or sometimes
I write what I know is funny.
Something like girls who wear
High heels to school.
If they’re trying to impress me
Well hot damn.
It didn’t work.
They look ridiculous
And I get a strong urge to
Jedi mind-trick them into falling
On their asses.

Thanks for giving me something
To write about,
Stupid high-heeled girls.