Thursday, December 23, 2010


Sorry for the lapse in posts..I just returned from a short trip across to exotic Nanaimo. Had a lovely, quiet and bowling-filled time with my boyfriend and Cinnamon of course. And after much procrastination, today is the day I am going to make gingerbread-mustache men. I'll update with a recipe and (hopefully) successful results very soon.

{a glamorous little side project}: {merry merry}On the topic of Christmas (until there is only 2 DAYS by the way), how does one go about your holiday shopping? This year, after much deliberation and delay, I decided to brave the malls and the outside world. I've become quite attached to online shopping, you really can't beat sitting on the couch, in sweats with a hot cup of peppermint tea, browsing such fabulousness as asosetsyforever21revolve, among many others. Compare that to squirming through throngs of mind-rattled shoppers along Robson or through the mall, and having to needlessly pick through entire stores to find your wishlist. No, I am the converted. My people are the online shopping community. Amazon has helped me greatly this year, and I am perfectly content in not having to go outside in the rain. I am brave enough to try and find my NYE dress online this year (gasp). Weighing the options, really, a little need for alteration suits me better than clamoring through fitting room lines and ripping off layer after layer. Save that for those with credit debt. My Visa is my Christmas elf this year, and baby's been busy!


Happy Holidays! Gingerbread recipe coming soon!!