Sunday, May 19, 2013

Being heard, where confidence is lacking

Some might say you're lying
if you think the words you wield
can stop the storm.
that brighter lights will prevail,
and leave you bruised from their brilliance.
those wielded words
cast into pans
another ting against the tin
another limerick against more tired vowels.
some might say you're dreaming
if you think your visions are art,
art to change the world.
you would notice if they did.
some do say
be spoken for, or someone else will guide your tongue.
be speaking up
when you're feeling trodden down.
those words are truer said than done.
when one's the wiser to wield one's words
onto a hidden placard or a spot of lesser notice.
those words, brave they may be
are sodden with the sweat stains of
a lingering adolescence.