Friday, March 18, 2011

Hi ho, Hi ho.

It's off to the island I go! Hope everyone had a great week, I'm sure glad it's over! I'm just getting ready and packing the essentials. How many nail polishes/sunglasses/purses is too many for one weekend? For some reason I have a harder time packing for short trips than I do for long ones. So far, computer, aviators, socks, makeup, iPod, sweater and english paper. I always try to layer clothing for traveling, it saves space in my bag, and helps keep me warm on the ferry which always seems to be a little chilly no matter what corner close to an outlet I tuck into. So here goes, slowly packing enough to entertain myself while my boy works on Sunday. (I'm a little excited, it's been a long 3 weeks apart!)

Have a fabulous weekend everyone! 
Hope you too get to spend it with the one you love <3