Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sixth Day of St. Valentines

So it's day 6 of my Valentine's countdown and even though I'm not a flowers girl, I like the symbolism that flowers can have, especially on Valentine's Day.
Scent of Life
Anemone - a dying love
A yellow Crocus worn in the buttonhole on St. Valentine's day will entice your future intended love
Daisy - innocence
Forget-me-not - true love and constancy
Fuchsia - elegance
Lily - purity
Pansy - loving thoughts
Periwinkle - early friendship
Poppy - consolation
Snowdrop - hope
Sunflower - warmth of feeling
Tulip - a declaration of powerful love(red), hopeless love (yellow) 

Add rose bud petals to your bath water to conjure up a lover.
Put red rose petals in a red velvet bag and pin this under your clothes to attract love.

A rose given with its thorns removed, but still with its leaves means:
'I am no longer afraid to reveal my feelings; I live in hope.'

A rose without its leaves and thorns sends the message:
'There is nothing to hope or fear.'

facts courtesy of new-age.co.uk