Sunday, February 20, 2011

A New Day

We are BusyBsSometimes it takes a cold slap to wake you up to what you think you're missing. Sometimes, like those Sunday nights when there's nowhere else you'd rather be than curled up with your laptop, and you're procrastinating doing your french homework because you secretly like the drama of putting it off, it's these times that you really get to thinking. Looking back on the TV I've watched today, I starting thinking about all the goals I've set, and forgot about or passed over. The inspirational people who've lost a person's worth of weight, or reinvented themselves all for the sake of a TV show, do you think they would have done the same otherwise? If life's a movie, is nothing worth doing without an audience?
So, with this thinking in mind, and knowing the small, yet global outreach I have, I'm starting to appreciate the things that I do just for me. I started this blog as a way to get out some pent-up creative juices, and put my little words out there. The longer you keep your hand out though, the more pigeons start to land and roost. Soon I was getting asked to advertise, market, and sell myself to the millions of eager viewers out there, if they could only get smacked with my blog! What happened to the days that we did things for our own pleasure? No credit, no infamy, no cheerleaders. I'm not discrediting all the support I've been getting, don't get me wrong! Anything I hear from readers and friends is overwhelming and very humbling. I'm touched that I get to reach out to people through my writings.
I do feel though, as a novice blogger eager to get my words out there, that I've maybe lost myself a little in the process. My room's a little more cluttered and for the first time in a while I'm just letting it build. So I'm taking this moment to turn over a new leaf. I have a pile of "to do's" that I'm itching to get at, and I think I've been waiting for a moment that isn't going to come to push me to do them. It's A New Day, and I'm all the push I need to get it done, whether it's blog-worthy or not.