Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Thanks to my lovely boyfriend I got an early start today, and early mornings before coffee make me think a little less before opening my mouth. This post is the consequence of that.
Firstly, I have never wanted to wear a full body suit of woolen knitted garments more than I have recently. What's the deal Vancouver? I miss the Olympic nice and warm for February.
Secondly, I stumbled across the awesome magazine that is Rue and am in love with their interior designs! I have a feeling the bf would love this one. We've been negotiating a decorating compromise with antlers. I think I could live with this idea.

Another time-consuming love I've recently discovered is Svpply. It's a site that lets you find products and people with similar interests. Svpply will recommend items based on your themes and also has gift guides! (one of my favourite uses for the internet. However after this past holiday experience I'll be a little more prepared to do my Christmas shopping next in September.)

Through cruising Svpply and many of the blogs I follow, I think I've learnt a lot about my personal style and stuff that makes me happy :) Try it, you might just get to know yourself a little better. 
For example, I've discovered I love porcelain mugs and other items. I also love leather bags, clutches, briefcases, satchels, wallets, pocket get the idea.
I also love weird jewelry. I've never been a dainty accessory girl, and I love pieces that are a little different and attention grabbing. 
Oh and coffee table books. And coffee tables.