Wednesday, February 2, 2011


It's a lonely little blogging world I live in...

Every day is born anew, and I love coming up with new things to try and write about. Sometimes I'm a little stuck. And I do have ideas, they just take a little more prep time than I sometimes have in the day *sigh*. Even now, it's late and all I'd like to do is have another cup of tea, curl up in my mess of a bed, and talk to my boy. Sadly, I'm just sitting here, procrastinating studying for my french exam, listening to Ben Harper lull me to submission, and writing to who-even-knows. If there's a bevy of life out there reading what I write, then they must be a bunch of ninjas. Ninja's wearing invisibility cloaks. My newest role models are the ladies who have made something of themselves in the blogging world. Even writing that seems tacky but they give me inspiration to keep on writing. Blogging's brought back my urge to write poetry, something I've always been a little shy about. Anyways, if you're out there, blog readers, it's nice to know you take a minute to peek at what I do.

Lots of Love and happy Wednesday,