Sunday, February 27, 2011

Domenica in febbraio

Another Sunday, and sadly no housewifing today. I'm in paper writing/procrastinating mode, the latter being a little less successful at the moment. However it is perfect weather to stay inside and do a bit of work now and then. The rest of my time is spent cruising Svppy, my new addiction. How is everyone spending this snowy Sunday? Or if it's not snowy where you are, (lucky) go out there and enjoy it!

I'd rather be here...

or here...
at the park | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

On the other hand, this paper (Theological Baroque concerning Caravaggio and Bernini in the 17th century) is making me lust for Italy. My trip is approaching soon, and honestly, half of my thoughts are about shopping. Canada gets pretty left out when it comes to fashion. The shopping opportunities are just so much more plentiful in Europe! I have a short list though, but I feel like it might grow once I'm there. Time to tighten my belt and freeze the Visa...
{i'm also planning on getting some art, postcards, and maybe a vintage italian poster...and also clothes of course}
Ciao xoxo