Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome 2011

So to recap and not gloat in the awesomeness that me and my boyfriend had on new years last night, I will spare you all from feeling intense jealousy and give only the key highlights:

1. Kicked ass at Crainuim (I did anyway)

2. Skipped maad lineup outside club. It pays to know people who know people.

3. Spent less than sufficient time taking coupley photos <3

4. Midnight kiss (duh)

5. found 20 dow lah on the floor (!!!)

6. bailed on Granville St. My baby helped me with a trusty bandaid

7. Ate amazing Poutine with Garlic Lovers dip

8. Cabbed home with our free 20 bucks.

9. In bed by 1am and completely satisfied with the awesomeness of our new years eve.

Hope you all enjoyed yours! Here's to a year that maybe we all finally get off our asses and accomplish something. As per usual I have a few resolutions. The more you set, the less chance you'll be disappointed that you didn't complete any. I like to set some that I like to call, "Tequila Resolutions", cuz you know when you make them, they're a sure thing...if ya know what I mean...(I know it's not just me that has a randy relationship with tequila, common people.)

1. take photography lessons...artsy photo blog you will be my bitch.

2. Go to Italy (annnd T.R. numero uno)

3. Run ___km. yup I'll decide how far I think I can go if and when I start running again.

4. Geocache at least 5-10 in my area. And to get boyfriend as hooked on it..

5. Read 10+ books. (Another never-fail Tequila Resolution)

Cheers everyone! Hope your resolutions are just as enlightening, feel free to share :)
oh and also, I will bake more. Got a new Gluten Free cookbook for xmas....solid gold!